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I have been involved in the business world for many years, and would pronounce myself as a hardened, cynical and suspicious individual who has been a practitioner in industries that are ultra-competitive, and not always as scrupulous in their approach as perhaps they should be.

This is particularly true, I feel, of the global skincare market, and like many of my fellow professionals, I thought I had seen it all. Nothing was left to surprise me in terms of the innovation in products, the diversity of ingredients, or the claims that certain companies make in relation to their formulations.

While I wouldn’t say that I had had enough, I will say that I was beginning to look for something different; something unusual, that spoke to my personality and my soul, and created a story that is relevant to the times in which we are living.

Oud Essentials was exactly what I was looking for. With ingredients of known provenance, sustainably and ethically sourced and produced, I have never even seen a business model that begins to emulate the approach we are taking – not only in terms of the partnerships that we are forging, but also in terms of respect for the environment and a level of corporate social responsibility that we expect to be the benchmark in the very near future.

Oud is a remarkable substance, and the wider world is waking up to its power and potential. It’s time to share. Not only to give something back to the environment from which we have taken so much, but also to introduce a new generation (and future generations) to something that has been so highly-valued for so long, and that can help us all to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.

I look forward to enhancing the partnerships we have already forged, as well as those that will shortly come into being and grow in the weeks and months ahead, as we bring Oud and Oud Essentials to the world.


Jean-Marc Dufat
CEO, Europe – Oud Essentials
The Real Oud Company

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