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The Oud Essentials team is comprised of industry experts, skincare specialists and pharmaceutical and cosmetics scientists, all of whom share core values and ideals in their quest to improve the lives of people and to benefit the environment in which we live.

Oud Essentials realises that imagining, evolving and creating innovative products in a competitive industry is not enough – the products themselves have to reach the people who can benefit from them the most, and that is why a comprehensive, coherent and wide-ranging distribution network was deemed essential to what the company is striving to achieve.


Oud Essentials is a 21st Century company, with ideals and values that have not only become important for the times in which we live, but absolutely imperative.

We aim to establish a level of responsibility; for our environment, for our people – helping them to understand and appreciate the world in which we live and the environment that we must respect.

Oud Essentials recognises the importance and the need for a level of self-fulfilment and and self-determination that is beginning to resonate with an ever-increasing number of socially conscious and environmentally aware consumers and business people. We also recognise that with the acceptance of an ever-changing world, in which so many things appear to be out of our control, the necessity has emerged for us to take control – of our lives, our financial futures, and those of our families.

Oud Essentials will provide a multi-faceted destiny of your choosing – improving the health and lives of people around the world, and benefitting the environment in the process. Oud Essentials, The Real Oud Company, is an entity put together by real people, for real people, with shared values and the inspiration to make a difference, bringing an ingredient that promotes health and wellbeing to the world.


‘Oud Essentials’ designated and dedicated Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of the world’s leading experts in their chosen fields. Sharing the company’s values, and engaged in bringing Oud to a wider, global consumer base, the Oud Essentials scientists are currently embarked on a rigorous body of research to establish what generations of people, from diverse cultures, have known for thousands of years.

Research is already underway and papers have been published in reputable scientific journals examining the curative properties of Oud for a variety of ailments, while it has now been established that the ingredient is effective in the anti-ageing process, and has efficacy in the treatment of various forms of cancer.

This is just the beginning of research into the medicinal and psychological properties of Oud, but there is already considerable excitement in the field, with Professor Dr Yumi Zuhanis Has-Yun Hashim, from the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at Malaysia’s International Islamic University, having produced what may turn out to be a seminal paper on the subject.

Dr Yumi’s area of specialisation is in the ‘provision of healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases through the development, use and or consumption of natural products’, and she has brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the Board that complements Oud Essentials business model and the values it shares with its partners.

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