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Oud Essentials™, The Real Oud Company, has worked with global-leading network marketing experts and practitioners, along with analysts, lawyers and industry visionaries to create a Compensation Plan that will facilitate a genuine ‘legacy business’.

Our real products, marketed and distributed by real people, for real people, will help in the creation of a real, downstream retail business – the success of which will be determined by the commitment and determination of our partners.

Those individuals who understand the story and the evolution of the brand, and want to help us in touching and improving the lives of millions of people by introducing sustainably and ethically produced Oud to a wider world, will appreciate the many aspects of our Compensation Plan.

Retail profit, Preferred Customer Profit, Fast Start Bonus, Dual Team Bonus, Dual Team Matching Bonus, Unilevel Bonus and Rank Advancement Bonus are among the facets of a Compensation Plan that will soon become an industry leader. These benefits will enable our partners to start earning almost instantly, while building a network marketing retail business with us, and bringing our CITES-approved and certified Oud to the new breed of conscious consumers who also recognise and appreciate fine, luxurious products.

Lifestyle Incentive

Available only to Oud Essentials’™ premium business partners, our unique, bespoke Oud Edition™ Range Rover Autobiography, is the ultimate expression of luxury and achievement. Hand built to the highest specifications by artisan coach builders, and designed to provide the ultimate sensory and visual experience, the vehicle will be scented by Fragrance Du Bois – Pure Oud, Pure Luxury – and embody the spirit of success.

To discover more about our sustainable business and how you can be a part of this exciting, lucrative venture, register with us now, and become part of the real deal.

Oud Essentials™, The Real Oud Company makes no guarantees, and offers no warranties on future earnings.


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