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Dual-Phase Oil

Smooth. Revitalising. Penetrative, With a Delightful Aroma

The Power of Pure Oud

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Smooth, Revitalising, Penetrative, With a Delightful Aroma

Oud Essentials Dual-Phase Oil is a subtle combination of water-based (aqueous) ingredients working in conjunction with an oil-based formulation to produce the best of both worlds – a smooth and yet penetrative oil that has a delightful aroma, is easy to apply, and extremely effective.

Although designed to be used together with Oud Essentials’ Regenerating Serum – whose effects it complements by ‘sealing’ it into the skin – it works extremely well on its own as part of a shorter regimen.

Ideally, it should be applied twice daily, in the morning and in the evening, two minutes before the application of the Regenerating Serum. Allow the oil between 30 seconds and one minute to ‘dry’, as a base for the maximum effectiveness of your skincare programme.

Oud Essentials’ Dual-Phase Oil is perfectly balanced and formulated to provide just the right amount of moisture to keep your skin hydrated, and its vitamin-rich composition is nourishing and enriching.

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