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Oud Blanc Lightening Cream

Lightens, Brightens and Tightens

For a Fresh, Healthy, Luminous Complexion

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Lightens, Brightens and Tightens

Oud Blanc is a soft, smooth, milky cream that melts into the skin to produce a noticeably silky ‘after feel’. Infused with precious, 100% pure, organic Oud oil, Oud Blanc possesses a delightful aroma with a lingering scent of nature and natural ingredients, and with its abundance of state-of-the-art lightening actives and peptides, promises visibly brighter, luminous skin within 28 days.

Oud Blanc lightens the appearance of pigmentation and brightens overall skin tone, while at the same time smoothening skin texture and minimising the appearance of pores.

The luxurious, fragrant cream also protects the skin from the external environmental stresses that can lead to pigmentation, and enhances regeneration at the cellular level.

Remarkably effective on scar marks, Oud Blanc will become a vital part of a skincare regimen that will leave your skin looking brighter, lighter and more youthful.

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