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Bach to the Future

A musical journey from the beginning of the Oud Essentials process, to the best skincare products and accessories in the world.

The Essentials Story

Television Presenter and media personality Paula Malai Ali presents the story of Oud Essentials, from soil, to oil, to a range of skincare products and accessories that will revolutionise an industry.

Then and Now

The Oud Essentials story in under 40 seconds.

Proof Positive from the Perfect Pioneers

Oud Essentials’ Pioneers enjoy their roles as guinea pigs, and prove that the Real Oud Company only tests its products on real people

Feel the Difference

Mary Charmaine Cruz on her voyage of discovery on all things Oud and her excitement about the Oud Essentials range of unique, innovative products.

The Importance of Provenance

Christine Majadillas explains why it’s so important to know where things come from, what goes in to them, and how they are made. Especially in the luxury goods market. 

First Impressions

From the factory floor itself, Marife Absin embraces the spirit of sustainability and is  full of admiration for the Oud Essentials business model.

Captivated by the Story

Sam Ortega from the Philippines answers questions and provides all the answers on Oud, Oud Essentials and the exciting adventure ahead.

Embracing the Bracelets

Sports television presenter and Oud Essentials’ CVO Andrew Leci, spills the beans on his life choice of bijoux accessories.