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Oud Essentials has taken one of the most remarkable substances on the planet – a substance known as Oud and often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, and incorporated it into the ever-burgeoning global skincare market. This has created an opportunity that allows our Independent Brand Partners to become masters of their own destinies, and to determine and shape their own physical, emotional and financial futures.

Oud Essentials believes that the only success is based on our Independent Brand Partners’ success, and we will work to provide tools, training, support and compensation to maximise our Independent Brand Partners’ personal growth and earning potential.

Oud Essentials recognises our Independent Brand Partners as equal partners in the business. Therefore, up to 60% of the commissionable volume is paid through the Rewards Plan.

Oud Essentials has leveraged the two most powerful pay structures know in the Direct Sales industry. We have capitalised on the promotional firepower of the Dual Team structure – which rewards overall sales volumes at every stage of business development – AND the solid stability of a Unilevel Plan that includes powerful Matching Bonuses and a Lifestyle Incentive for nurturing team structure and Leadership within the organisation. These plans work synergistically to create both substantial immediate earnings as well as significant long-term residuals for a life-changing income.

Oud Essentials has created a global business where Independent Brand Partners may have the opportunity to expand their Network base by building a Regional and Worldwide Sales Organisation as the Company expands to an ever- increasing number of countries.


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